Coastal areas within 100km of the ocean, account for almost 61% of the world’s total Gross National Product (GNP). In more than fifty coastal and island countries up to two thirds of the national territory is covered by sea water. Ports play a significant role in the economic and regional balanced development: they act as a crucial connection between sea and land transport. Growth in the throughput of goods and passengers implies increased needs for infrastructure and associated services.


Maritime Transportation plays a vital role in the global economy, and Ports are of crucial economic and social importance. Having a long track of record of completed Port Projects in more than 42 countries the last 40 years, and being able to deal with any kind of engineering, operational, and environmental challenge for all types of Ports, we can deliver solutions to the world's most complex Port Projects.


With a broad professional expertise in Marina Projects, from a Due Diligence for a Marina, to Marina Planning and Engineering Design, and from a Technical Advisory for a Marina Privatization to the Construction Supervision of a Marina Development, we offer to our clients a great variety of services and solutions that ensure the right balance between the client's needs and the local environment.

Coastal Areas & Waterfronts

As a highly focused Firm on the land/water interface, our work embraces a diversity of project types: from the design of Coastal Protection Works and the establishment of an Integrated Coastal Zone Management program for a coastal area, to the planning of Urban Waterfront Development projects. We work with regions, municipalities, real estate funds, and hotel operators, in order to implement resilient and sustainable solutions that address effectively the complexity of coastal areas.

Oil & Gas

The combination of IMO's 2020 global sulphur limit and the latest evolvements related with the hydrocarbon reserves in eastern Mediterranean Sea, has increased the need for additional Port Infrastructure and Facilities in the area. Rogan Associates has strategically positioned itself the last few years, and it is part of the most important Oil & Gas Projects in Greece, Cyprus, and Malta.


With a long tradition in designing and upgrading shipyards and ship repair facilities, we have the ability to deliver tailor made concepts for every client.

Airports, Railways & Roads

We use our experience and knowledge in Engineering Design and Environmental Impact Assessments in order to offer a wide range of consulting engineering services to airports, railways, and roads. From an airport's runway extension into the sea, to an Environmental Impact Assessment of a national highway, we deliver comprehensive solutions with long-lasting benefits to the society.