Construction of the Underwater Pipeline connecting the island of Aegina with the island of Salamina - pipeline being deployed using concrete ballast - Rogan Associates

ROGAN ASSOCIATES S.A. is part of the Technical Advisor’s Consortium for the project “Construction of the underwater pipeline connecting the island of Aegina with the island of Salamina”, responsible for the construction supervision as well as for the support during the construction phase, concerning physical and economic progress of the project. The aim of the project is the direct water supply of the island of Aegina from the mainland. This unique project will connect the island of Aegina with the island of Salamina, and will improve the quality of life for the locals and the thousands of visitors each year.

The project includes a 14km HDPE pipeline of 630mm diameter, at -95m, connecting Aegina Island with Athens Water Supply & Sewerage Company (EYDAP) infrastructure in Salamina Island for the supply of potable water to Aegina Island (Q=21.500m³/day, by gravity, without pumping).

Each of the 468m long pipeline strings is being prepared at Aegina work site (butt fusion welding, debeading at 36m pipes, conduction of hydraulic tests, installation of ballast blocks) and it is launched into the sea with the towing method. Afterwards, each string is moored at a sea storage area in Salamina before its final sinking.

The pipeline protection at coastal areas and deep sections (down to -95m) is being accomplished through Articulated Concrete Block Mattresses (ACBMs) and geogrid rockfill layers.

ROGAN ASSOCIATES S.A. services comprises, inter alia, the following:

– Construction Supervision;

– Track and report the physical and economic progress of the project;

– Budget and cost breakdown analysis as well as cash flow tracking;

– Review of the Detailed Designs;

– Support the Region of Attica with any issues related to the implementation of the approved studies.